Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin for Everyone on Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Even if you're not Canadian and are not celebrating on this day! Pumpkins are a classic for Thanksgiving and we decided to share some around. The chickens like chunks of pumpkin - mostly for the seeds, although they will pick at the flesh. The pigs just out and out adore pumpkin, every last bit. Farmer Man chose some with damage and soft spots that weren't salable. A feast for everyone; well, except the dogs and cats who really have no use for pumpkin in any form. Maybe I'll slip some into the food that I make for them and see if they notice!


  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you. We had a great get together with family Sunday afternoon and yes pumpkin was there in several forms.

  2. Pig photos always make me happy! A weird trivia piece of info - when a cat is constipated pumpkin can ease the problem. (gross, sorry) I've slipped cooked pumpkin into my cat's wet food without him so much as lifting a whisker.