Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Couple of New Things For Me!

This is my first experience raising chickens. Farmer Man grew up with chickens as part of the farm, so he's seen it all. This was a first for me: a perfect egg - without a shell. Both membrane layers intact, the shape perfect, just soft and squishy! Isn't Mother Nature amazing? Farmer Man says they would get one or two of these a year when he was young, but it's new for me!

Also new for me is the notion of chickens molting. The Leghorns were a year old in May, the Isa Browns were one year old in June, and both have been laying just a little over a year. We didn't go through molting last year - they were too young, I assume. But, boy, are we molting this year! The chicken coop is layered with feathers, the pasture is dotted with them and all the chickens are looking a little, well......dishevelled. Even the usually majestic Rocky the Rooster is looking a little ragged: he's got a definite bald spot on the front of his neck and he's 'wispy' here and there around his neck and onto his shoulders. Hopefully, they'll all grow some new feathers before it gets too cold!


  1. Isn't chicken raising fun? Just when you think you've seen it all...

    Our older orchard hens are molting at the moment too. I'd just cleaned out the run a few days ago, and right now it looks they've been having pillow fights!

    We had a couple shell-less eggs this year when our pullets first came online. Not uncommon as hens come back into lay after a molt too. Sometimes it takes a little to get that egg assembly line coordinated again.

  2. Can't imagine Rocky looking anything less than majestic. You'll have to send a photo!