Sunday, August 15, 2010

Office Diva to Farmers' Market Vendor!

Sister Keltie has an alter-ego that her city friends don't know about. She comes to visit Aagaard Farms and become vendor extraordinaire! Now, Kelt likes good food (something we really like about her!). She is particularly fond of squash of any type. We have had to ship vegetable marrow to her on the Greyhound Bus, when she couldn't find it in Edmonton! Twenty six dollars to ship ten dollars worth of squash! Anyhoo, when she arrives at the farm, we cook her a couple of interesting meals with some of our more uncommon squash. Then we take her to the Farmers' Market with us and set her loose on the poor, unsuspecting customers! She raves, she praises, she gives cooking tips, describes textures and flavours, and darn if lots of people don't try something new. She brings a passion that we find hard to muster at our twentieth-something market of the season. And then, we bring her back to the farm and cook her some more! And load her car up with some when she heads home. If only she got enough holidays to be around the whole season!


  1. I have a great idea! Why don't you make a video of Kelt and when you are in a situation that requires an enthusiastic sales pitch, you can hit the play button!
    Speaking of squash, I am very much looking forward to receipt of the squash and vegie marrow on their way to Red Deer. Thanks Norah and Jes!!


  2. When you are coming out to do your time, Sister Dearest?

  3. She'd have to go a long way to meet my exacting standards of how to push squash on the unsuspecting locals!!