Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CSA for August 31, 2010 Cancelled!

We've never cancelled a CSA share mid-season. We have delayed the start a few times, when things aren't growing really well. But, steady rain yesterday, overnight and drizzle this morning makes it impossible to get on the land to harvest. We wouldn't do our soil, our plants or ourselves any favours by getting on the mud! Plus, the vegetables would be more prone to rust, mold and a host of other problems if delivered wet and mucky. It's a pity, too, because the corn was ready, and now we'll have to take it to the weekend Farmers Markets, because it probably won't wait until next Tuesday. Such is life with veggies! We'll see everyone next week! Next, we have to deal with the leak in the livingroom ceiling!


  1. Leaks in the living room ceiling??? Not overtop the new TV, I hope! Sorry for the weather, that sucks. I expect frost any evening because it's been so cold the last few days. Good luck getting back into the fields.


  2. No, it appears the chimney for the wood stove is letting in some water. We knew there were problems up there, and we're already booked with the roofer, but the rain beat the roofer!