Friday, August 13, 2010

City Boy Goes Country!

Farmer Man gave nephew Jack a little lesson in tractor driving! Now, I dislike driving our cranky old tractor. I'm not good with a stick shift of any kind, and I find I don't have the weight or strength to effectively use the clutch or the brakes. So, I just avoid it any way I kind. But Jack was totally up for it! A five minute lesson and he was whipping around here like he'd been Farmer Guy forever! Unfortunately, Farmer Man didn't really have any serious tilling or anything that needed doing so Jack was just joyriding! He's been awesomely helpful with many things during his visit; he was a big help getting ready for CSA, has helped us organize some electronics and last night he made dinner! An awesome Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo - from scratch! These people can come back anytime!


  1. ah, the joys of driving a tractor when you are young, that brings back happy memories, and that looks like a pretty big tractor, hope that Jack takes to the country...

  2. It would be awesome if Jack wanted to become Farmer Guy, and become the #1 assistant to Farmer Man!

  3. my dad doesn't let me drive his tractor :(
    He did let my husband drive it once and he proceeded to bust the hydrolics on it.

    maybe thats why I'm not allowed to drive it. I'm being punished for my husbands destructive nature..

    jealous of jack

  4. That's my nephew! Typical male, loves to drive anything with wheels. Nice to have a photo of you in action Jack!

    Auntie Cath

  5. P.S. Sorry to hear about your situation, Prairie Chicken. Maybe your Dad will give in some day.............


  6. The best part of the whole escapade was the huge grin on Jack's face as he tooled around the farm!