Monday, July 26, 2010


It's raspberry season at Aagaard Farms. That means it's nuts around here! People coming and going for U-picking, our little staff picking like crazy Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for CSA and the Farmers' Markets. I've been jammin' and jellin' like a person obsessed - more than ever before. And freezing, don't forget the freezing!! The piglets have had a few treats of the pulp left over from the jelly process - and they've decided they like raspberries, a lot! Even Rocky and The Hens are getting in on the act - they get a little of the leftover berries after the Farmers Markets. Only the doggies are kind of left out on this one - they show absolutely no interest whatsoever. However, they do enjoy all the attention they get from the U-pick people!!


  1. Please send me some jam - it's my favourite! Love your pigs - I'd like to have my snout in that trough as even the pulp looks delicious.


  2. The jams will be for sale soon at the Farmers' Markets. Drop on by, Laura! Would love to see you! A little side-trip to Manitoba for some jam......