Sunday, July 4, 2010

Farmers Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre is On!

Farmers Market season is now officially on for us! Yes, we've done the Friday Night Farmers Market a few times already, but with opening day at Riverbank Discovery Centre under our belts, it's full tilt from now on! CSA and the Neighbourhood Market on Tuesday evenings starting July 13, Thursday nights at Riverbank starting this coming Thursday, Friday Night Farmers Market and Saturday mornings at Riverbank Discovery Centre. That's our life from now until the end of September!!

We call Saturday morning's market at Riverbank Discovery Centre 'the mellow market, where we let you sleep in until 10:00 AM'. It's a later start to allow out-of-town vendors to arrive. We didn't have much to prepare so it was a mellow morning for us: not the usual frantic scurry from 4:00 AM on! The market itself was very mellow - not that many vendors, not a whole ton of customers. Thursday being our national holiday, I know a lot of people took Friday off and went out to the lake or off for a visit. I know because I spoke to a whole bunch of them at the Friday night market as they loaded up for the weekend! Everything will just get busier and busier as more and more of the crops are ready! If you're in the area, you can download the schedule for all our Farmers Markets here.

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  1. Psst -- hey you -- can I interest you in some summer squash??