Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Piglets Are Here!

Finally, the new pasture is fenced and Farmer Man went and picked up the piglets. Six little Berkshire pigs, from our friends at Logan Farms Organic Meats! It was quite the trip home; something akin to a gale blew up when Farmer Man was driving along wide open fields. The wind came up and actually tore the roof off of the large wooden crate holding the piglets. The truck, apparently, was shuddering in the force of the wind! A couple of scary minutes while he sought some sort of shelter and then repaired the roof before continuing home! Everyone made it safely, and then the piglets were unloaded in their new, larger pasture! They seemed to start enjoying the alfalfa and grasses in the pasture immediately, and bedded down in their shelter, snuggling under the straw. If only the chickens would go to bed as early, 'cause Farmer Man and I were certainly ready for bed!


  1. Jack and I are very excited to see the piglets!


  2. Cuuuuute :)

    Are you going to eat them?

  3. Yes, Prairie Chicken; these are livestock, not pets. I am not allowed to name them, pet them, scratch behind their ears or anything like that! Actually, last year Farmer Man was a bit more shaken than I when it was time to take them to 'Disneyland'.

  4. more photos please...they look very handsome!