Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We've Got Babies!

Baby plants, that is!  Seeding started in earnest late in February.  First thing planted - a tray of mesclun (mixed lettuces) that we will eat, shortly!  May even share some with The Hens!  Tomatoes, peppers and herbs have also been started and are starting to sprout like crazy.  Farmer Man made us this seed starting stand and it works very well.  Each layer is hung with lights, the bottom two with plain old fluorescents (one warm, one cool). The top layer has a grow light, the bottom shelf also has some heating pads, all of which we acquired at the Green Spot last year.  The heating pads are super because we use our little sunroom to start seeds and it can be cold in there.  Some plants just enjoy a little more heat.  Fresh lettuce, soon!


  1. Looks great. What are you using for growing media?

  2. We're using Sunshine mix right now. The only OMRI approved medium is cocoa fibre, which I don't like.