Sunday, March 7, 2010

Eating Local: Our Favourite New Toy!

We're missing fresh greens these days and have purchased a few bags of the organic greens at the supermarket.  But, they never taste like we remember our own garden greens tasting last summer!  So, when ordering some of our seeds, we saw this gadget and thought to give it a try.  I know sprouts can be fairly easy to start: in a jar, on paper towel, etc.  But we're looking for a quantity in a fast, easy and sanitary way (cats can get up in amazing places).  This is the Biosta from Vesey's Seeds and we ordered three different seed mixes for sprouts at the same time.  Yummy!  Like so many things - fresh is much better than what's available in the store.  And easy!  Sprinkle the seeds on one or all three trays, fill the top tray with warm water twice a day, which drips through the other trays and voila! great tasty, crunchy sprouts in five days!  We might even have enough to share a few with The Hens!

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