Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Toys for Chickens

We've opened up the coop's chicken door a few times in the last few weeks, when it was a little milder. The chickens don't seem even slightly interested in going outside at -6 C (20 F or so). And we don't want them to get cabin fever, now do we? So we've done a little reading on keeping them amused and one thing that came up in a few places was suet holders stuffed with vegetables. Now, we have some suet holders because we love to feed the wild birds. So we tried hanging one from the roof stuffed with some lettuce that was going 'off'. A hit! It's hanging by string so it moves and swings about ten inches off the floor. Then we tried some chopped cabbage from the root cellar. Another winner! Today, is was some dried bread crusts stuffed in the little box. Tomorrow, maybe some Kabocha squash peeled and cubed, with the seeds. We just want the hens to be happy, don't ya know?


  1. Hi Just looking at the previous blogs. Very interesting! Sorry I haven't been keeping up.
    Learn things like "both roosters aren't still there." Nice to see you are interested in the mental health of the birds!!! What about a pinata with bird treats (I guess that's what you are already doing)

  2. I think this is too funny! I'd love to see a video clip of the girls going at their pinata!