Sunday, December 13, 2009

Think Spring!

In the midst of a sub-zero cold spell, what's been brightening the mail box are new seed catalogues. This is early - we usually don't start to see catalogues until January. It seems slightly surreal because we haven't even done Christmas. We haven't had much time to peruse them, but just knowing they are there gives us a warm, festive glow!


  1. They do brighten the day. Especially at -34C which it was here this am. So far all I have is T & T.

  2. New types of squash for me to flog next summer? I do hope so!


  3. We've got Stokes, Dominion, Johnny's Select Seeds (probably our fav!), Robinson's (from England), Thompson & Morgan and Vanstone Nurseries (from Portage, Manitoba: great for fruit shrubs). Vanstone is where I first saw honeyberries or haskup, something Clayton knows about!!