Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CSA For September 17th!

So much potential!

We're quite lucky being up here on the North Hill.  There's a touch of frost on some of our plants, in more exposed, open areas from the cold, cold evenings of the weekend.  We've gotten nothing like friends lower down in the valley!  But still worrisome: we look around at the potential of green tomatoes and green butternut squash.  Will we, or you, ever enjoy them?

The cool weather seems to have kick-started the tomatillos!  They've ripened like crazy, so we're able to share them this week.  Tomatillos are a staple in Mexico and Central America.  They're used most commonly for true green salsa: Salsa Verde!  They are related to tomatoes, but are tart and dry, with a papery covering.  They are awesome fried:  check out this recipe for coated and pan-fried tomatillos!  Here's a great link with a number of different recipes: we're liking the looks of Shrimp and Tomatillo baked stew or chicken with tomatillo sauce.  And the tomatillo and pineapple salsa sounds fine, as well!

The deer got into the chard, again!
The deer got into the chard again, just as it was looking good!  They've also been nibbling at the foliage of the carrots, we see.  They ate down the chard and the beets early on; the chard bounced back a little bit better than the beets.  But, we've dug beets today - what the heck!  We want to get some to everybody before CSA is over.  There is just enough for the Full Shares today - and that took a bit of digging!  I think they're a nice, small size - Farmer Man thinks they're a waste of time!  It's mostly Chioggio beets, with a bit of regular Detroit Red and the occasional white beet!  We don't, unfortunately, find the greens of Chioggia as good for eating, but the candy cane striped beet is delicious!  Amanda and Ed provided some Armenian and English cucumbers today.  CSA member Tammy and Mike donated the tarragon in the Full Shares.

Spaghetti squash is one of our most requested, and best known, winter squashes at The Global Market.  Most people eat it in a pretty standard manner: roast or bake, scrape out the stringy flesh and serve.  Here's a great idea for a healthy pizza with spaghetti squash crust!  Or how about spaghetti squash as the crust for a snazzy quiche?  It can also make a delicious sweet treat, here with cinnamon!

So, in the boxes today:

FULL SHARES:  Tomatillos, cucumbers, carrots, Sangre potatoes, Crookneck summer squash and golden zucchini, beets, spaghetti and Delicata (sweet potato) winter squash, corn, peppers including jalapeno, Thai and Hungarian Hot wax, tarragon.

PART SHARES:  Tomatillos, cucumbers, carrots, Sangre potatoes, Crookneck, golden and Papaya Pear summer squash, Spaghetti winter squash, corn, jalapeno and Hungarian Hot Wax peppers.

SINGLE SHARES:  Tomatillos, cucumbers, carrots, Sangre potatoes, Crookneck and Golden zucchini, Spaghetti and Delicata winter squash, corn, and Jalapeno and Hungarian Hot wax peppers.

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