Thursday, September 12, 2013

CSA For September 12th!

Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper! So many are
so close, but not quite ripe!
For Thursday's families we've got an awesome hit of heirloom tomatoes courtesy of Angela at Mouse River!  She's had a bumper crop this year!  We've got largely Black Krim and Cherokee Purple for you today!  She's got other varieties available for sale....a deal if you're willing to go to Wawanesa for pick up!  Check out her blog post here.  If anyone is interested in getting some for preserving or just for eating, maybe we can get a delivery to CSA at the deal price!  Email Angela from the link on her blog page!

Amanda and Ed came up with some more Armenian cucumbers; the Singles got them this time and a few Part Shares.  Everyone else has regular slicing cukes.  Amanda and Ed also supplied dill and basil and Tuesday CSA members Tammy and Mike donated some of their 'enthusiastic' tarragon!

Zucchini as pizza crust? Check out this quick and easy recipe here.  For an excellent and easy side-dish, how about this Summer Squash Gratin?  Do you like sushi?  How about thinly sliced zucchini instead of the seaweed paper for Zucchini Sushi?  Those little rolls would be awesome at your next football party, as a healthy alternative!  We've made these zucchini fritters and they're pretty yummy and easy!  The included recipe for a dip with Greek yogurt and cucumber is pretty good, too - lots of uses for it!  Just made this zucchini chocolate cake - we've made a number of different recipes and I still think this is the best!  The link for icing has a number of great selections; we used the chocolate fudge icing!

Winter squash is ripening now!  As we mentioned on Tuesday, in most recipes winter squash is interchangeable.  Different with each different winter squash, but just as good!  The exception is spaghetti squash - the only one that doesn't cook up with a fairly smooth texture.  The noodle-like consistency of spaghetti squash can easily be 'mushed' up to be used in many a recipe.  It might not be the best choice for this enticing recipe for Goat Cheese and Squash pasta!  Here's a grain-free paleo pasta recipe where, like summer squash, the winter squash becomes the noodle!  Kabocha would be a good choice, buttercup, acorn, Hubbard, all would work!  Here's also a great link for making easy crackers and chips with your produce, in the oven, including zucchini and winter squash.  The link mentions zucchini and butternut squash, but as you know now and summer squash can be subbed for zucchini and any winter squash can be subbed for the butternut!

On our Facebook page last night we shared a number of fairly fast and easy bread recipes!  Mostly because we're thinking Winter Squash soup!  Here's a pretty simple recipe for Kabocha Cream Soup.  You can make a big batch and it will freeze nicely!  Here's a Roasted Winter Squash and Apple soup; we've done a version of this many times - sometimes with a mild curry - and it's lovely!  Winter squash also make fabulous fries - here's a link for baked Kabocha fries!

So in the baskets this Thursday:

FULL SHARES:  Kabocha and spaghetti winter squash, Patty Pan summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, Sangre potatoes, carrots, Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, herbs either tarragon or basil, corn, apples.

PART SHARES:  Winter squash Kabocha and spaghetti, Patty Pan summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, Sangre potatoes, carrots, Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, Herbs basil or dill, corn, apples.

SINGLE SHARES:  Kabocha winter squash, Patty Pan summer squash, tomatoes, cucumbers, Sangre potatoes, carrots, Hungarian Hot Wax peppers, corn, apples.

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  1. Sounds like you're swimming in zucchini judging by the number of recipes you're coming up with :) I only have a single zucchini plant this year and I still can't use the darn things fast enough. It's unreal how much food those plants produce.