Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Walk On A Late Summer Eve

Grizzly Bear up front, Scamp in the lane, the goats
and a few chickens in the background.

Little Scamp on the safety of the compost pile!
It's been a gorgeous run of weather this week.  Hot in the day and, typical of a Prairie fall, cool in the evenings.  After our usual crazy busy Friday/Saturday, with two Farmers Markets in two days, we had a relaxing evening and a light dinner.  We know the animals get a little neglected on Friday and Saturday, and heaven knows they all love a little (okay, a lot of) attention!  So we decided to take the dogs for a walk and thought we'd take the goats for a frolic with us.  On our way to the goats' pasture, we cross through the chickens' pasture and a number of the Hens and Chicks started to follow us, hoping for treats, undoubtedly.  As we came out onto the lane beside the hoop house, some of the barn cats were playing, and the friendly little Scamp decided to come along for a walk, too!  Quite the procession!

It's never a long walk with this crowd.  The Hens and the Chicks soon get distracted by new pastures to peck, and fall out of line.  The Bears hassled poor Scamp for a minute until sternly corrected, but by then the little barn cat had fled to the top of last years compost pile and decided to stay there.  Two of the goats, Chocolate and Mabel, became engrossed in some of the weeds growing on the compost pile and stayed to browse.  So Farmer Man, myself, the dogs and Goldie the goat strolled around the windbreak separating the top field.

As we returned to our starting point, Farmer Man noticed the two goatlings left behind were ambling over to the watermelon patch.  A quick grab of some willow branches and he got the attention of all three goats and led them back to their pasture.  The Hens and The Chicks returned to their usual stomping grounds, the barn cats disappeared and the dogs were all heading for the house, looking for a drink.  Just a typical stroll on a gorgeous evening here at Aagaard Farms!

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