Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CSA Bonus Day!

Last time, this year, that we meet our CSA families.  Always a rather sad day, and another reminder that Fall is here!  Thank you, to all our families, for a great year.  Thank you for sharing recipes and tips, for asking great questions and for enjoying the food!  Thanks to Cathy for all the great baking we were able to sample and a special, great BIG Thank You to Sharon, who made us both a gorgeous afghan!  That was the most awesome thing, Sharon, hugs and kisses to you!

Last week we met and, actually, exceeded (by a little bit) our obligations to our CSA families.  Today, is our gift to you, a chance to share in the harvest those things that have done really well for us!  Potatoes, 'Aunt Ruby's German Green' tomatoes, carrots and winter squash are what we're bringing for everyone!  We've organized some potato favorites, we've got three kinds of winter squash that will store well, and Nantes Coreless carrots.  We were hoping to do onions, but the first dig sold well at the Farmers Markets and the second dig was extremely disappointing - mostly small sizes good only for replanting in the Spring.

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to a Farm Open House on Sunday, October 2nd from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.  We're going to make some soup, roast a few winter squash for sampling and have a sale on winter squash, if anybody wants to stock up for the winter!  Come see where it all happens, meet the goats, pet a chicken and see the little kittens in the barn!  Drop by anytime during the afternoon and say hi!  Families and friends are welcome!  Hope to see you all then!


  1. Look at all the pretty squash! Wish I could be there for the open house, hope it's a huge success!


  2. wow, is that ever a big load of squash! Great to hear that despite the slow start to the season and the floods that you managed to fulfill all your obligations and more. A big congratulations to you.

  3. Thanks, Marguerite and Keltie! It was a pretty good growing season - lots of moisture in the soil and good heat in the summer. Marguerite, that's our stash for the upcoming Farmers Markets - last night was our second hard frost and we brought the squash in to protect it from unsightly 'wet' or soft spots.