Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Fun at Aagaard Farms!

It's great to introduce children to local food, we think it's so important that people know where their food is coming from and what real food is. At the Farmers' Markets, it's so fun to see kids' reactions and hear their observations as they check out all the vegetables and fruit. The most fun we have, though, is here at the farm. We rent out garden plots, and we so enjoy the children that come: we'll introduce them to the pigs and chickens, let them help weed or harvest. As their parents work in their gardens, the kids will quite often follow Farmer Man around asking a million questions and playing with the dogs. Of course, some of them find the tractor fascinating! On Saturday, our renters Joan and Larry brought some family out to help, including some of the youngest additions. We missed it, we were at the Farmers Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre doing our thing, but Joan and Larry were nice enough to share pictures. The captions are theirs. Apparently, big fun was had by all!


  1. I love your attitude to children and the idea of teaching them where food comes from. I thoroughly enjoyed that last photo and the look of delight on that little boy's face. What fun!

  2. I'm just so sorry we weren't here that morning! We would have loved to be around when this little family was here!