Friday, September 18, 2009

Field of Dreams...

This is the pumpkin and winter squash patch. By this time of the year the ground should be completely covered by the vines. Large orange pumpkins should be peeking out, as well as big blue Hubbard squash; little multi-coloured Kabocha, bright Winter Sunshine, Acorns and Buttercup should be peeking out from underneath the leaves. Not this year; the vines have just started to spread, they are flowering like crazy now. And yes, there are squash down there, mostly too young and too small. Now, for the middle of September, the weather has been gorgeous, but will it stay nice enough to finish the squash?


  1. Being the squash junky that I am, my fingers are crossed for nice weather. It's been great in Edmonton this week and forecast for the same next week, so I'm hoping that it'll ease its way east to you guys and the squash will finish!


  2. We'll find you some veggie marrow, and a few other goodies, for sure!