Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CSA For the 1st of September!

It's a beautiful September day, warm and sunny, although perhaps a bit windy. Hard to believe it is September and the whole back-to-school, back-to-work thing starts. The weather is suppose to be very good all week, so maybe the tomatoes will ripen up! Winter squash is starting to look like something is happening, but very little is ready to harvest. We can hardly wait for the first Kubocha squash - yummy!

Finally getting some decent lettuce from a very late seeding. The first three seedings amounted to almost nothing - very disappointing for us. But, Grand Rapids and Romaine are coming along nicely now. If only we had a tomato...................but we do have some cucumbers! They'll go nicely in a salad. Linda has supplied some more beautiful broccoli, and she tells me that the Brussel Sprouts are almost ready to harvest. Now, this may not excite that many people but we love Brussel Sprouts. And please keep an open mind - a Brussel Sprout fresh from the garden is NOT like a Brussel Sprout from the supermarket. Miles apart in texture and flavour!

So, for the Full Shares this week: 3 lbs. French Fingerling potato, 3 lbs. Almeira White, assorted peppers, 5 cucumbers, 6 ears of corn, broccoli, 5 onions, 1 bundles carrots, lettuce, an Italian Largo summer squash, a Papaya Pear and a Patty Pan.

For the Part Shares this week: 2 lbs. French Fingerling, 2 lbs. Alameira White, assorted peppers, 3 cukes, 4 ears of corn, 2 onions, small broccoli, a bundle of carrots, lettuce, an Italian Largo summer squash, a Papaya Pear and a Patty Pan.

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