Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pruning Raspberries...and We Meet Frank!

Cold, windy, nasty day - so a perfect day to prune raspberries!! We have about 2000 feet of raspberries for U-pick, as well as picking for Farmers' Markets and CSA. The picture isn't great but shows all the canes Farmer Boy has cut and then pulled out of the row. Good thing it was cold so we could wear long sleeves because those old canes are prickly! Still, we all got scratched up a bit between our gloves and sleeves and a little bit on our faces.

It was all okay though because Frank was helping!! We were sooooo excited to have Frank here. Frank wants to work for us!! We got connected to him through our acquaintance Blake at the Marquis Project who said Frank was an a great volunteer at the community garden. And Frank WANTS to work here. We always have a ton of trouble finding staff. Most kids want to stay clean and tidy at the mall; they don't want to come out to the farm and get dirty and work hard. Frank seems like an outstanding young gentleman; he's going to college in the fall, already has his mind set on a business after college, loves meeting people and loves learning knew things. He also just seems kind and warm and community-minded. We hope he stays to work the summer! Fingers crossed!!

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