Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Long, Hard Day....

Every farmer needs a faithful companion. Blaze is Farmer Boy's. He is with Farmer Boy constantly during the day; he'll follow the tractor up and down the field (finally, he'll get smart and go lie in the shade and just watch the tractor go by). He's there for the hoeing and weeding, he's there for the feeding of the chickens, he's there for transplanting seedlings although he occassionally likes to lie down on the flats of plants. There is only occasionally some seperation if a gopher calls it's siren song and Blaze must response. After a long, hard day he loves to go for a swim in the dugout, where he emerges dripping, kind of slimy and smelling bad but very happy! And then, the only reward he craves a good rub on his belly! (Which, of course, is kind of slimy and smelly)

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