Thursday, August 15, 2013

CSA for August 15, 2013

The Swiss Chard 'Rainbow Lights' is finally
rebounding after being eaten by deer!
Finally felt like a summer day today!  We're looking hopefully at the tomatoes and peppers; they should like this weather we're going to have the next few days.  First cut (!) on the Swiss Chard today - it has been slowly re-growing after being decimated by the deer back at the end of June.  Just enough for a good cut for the Full Shares - but it's coming nicely now! Lots of things just had little picks today:  Golden French Filet beans just for the Part Shares, shelling peas for just the Single Shares!  It's often like that for CSA and we've said many times that the hardest part of the day is dividing the harvest!

The summer squash, on of our obsessions, is finally producing.  Zucchini and more for everyone today!  Some of you have the classic zucchini, officially known as black zucchini.  Some of you have a mid-green, spotted fellow who is a Moroccan or Mediterranean.  A little firmer then zucchini, with a nice almond flavour; it's often stuffed and baked.  It is great for raw dipping or in a salad and just as good as anything you'd use a zucchini for.  There's some Patty Pans in the boxes - the flying saucer squash, some golden zucchini which is a little more delicate and creamy than regular zucchini, and a few small Papaya Pear, the pear shaped, firm squash great for the BBQ!

One of the recipes I've been dying to try is this recipe for baked summer squash chips!  The recipe calls for golden zucchini, for more of a potato chip look, but any squash would work.  Another recipe I've had bookmarked for a while is from one of my favorite blogs, Farmgirl Fare.  This lemon rosemary zucchini loaf sounds lovely and every recipe I've ever made from Farmgirl Fare has worked out beautifully!  If you've been thinking of making bread from scratch her recipe and instructions for Farm House White is where I started a few years back!

Last pick of the raspberries for the season.  Do enjoy!  They've done quite well this season, but the picking is now taking just too much time.  We'll also have with us the few last fabulous cabbage from Amanda and Ed, so grab one now while they're here if you're still hoping to make cabbage rolls or something.  Amanda and Ed supplied the onions today - so much larger than ours, it's amazing what a little heavier soil then our sand can do!  They've also supplied a nice mix of herbs.  Member Allison is bringing along some chocolate mint that volunteered in her garden so that will be available once she arrives.

Final call for anybody interested in some of the gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan baking mixes whose order form was in your basket a couple of weeks ago!  So happy to offer this awesome product from local company Swift Mix!  Bring your order form and cheque next week and we'll have the group order delivered to our pick-up the following week!

So, in the boxes this week:

FULL SHARES:  3 lbs Norland red potatoes, bag mixed Red Sails and Grand Rapids leaf lettuce, Dragon's Tongue beans, green beans, Swiss chard 'Rainbow Lights', a red and yellow onion, Moroccan squash, zucchini, cucumber, raspberries, herbs.

PART SHARES:  2 lbs. Norland red potatoes, bag mixed Red Sails and Grand Rapids leaf lettuce, Dragons Tongue beans, green beans, Golden French Filet beans, red and yellow onions, golden zucchini, papaya pear squash, zucchini, cucumber, herbs, raspberries.

SINGLE SHARES:  1 lbs. Norland red potatoes, bag mixed Red Sails and Grand Rapids leaf lettuce, green beans, Dragon Tongue beans, shelling peas, Patty Pan, zucchini, Papaya Pear, red and yellow onions, dill, raspberries.  

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