Sunday, May 5, 2013

Finally...Spring, Maybe?

Saturday was a gorgeous Spring day - we've been waiting for this for so long!  Temperatures near normal, with a high of about 14C (about 60F) and just a light breeze.  Sunday is suppose to be even nicer.  Ahhhhhhh.......

The nice weather of the last few days has chased the snow away quickly.  The lawn is starting to look a tint of green.  It's still very wet in the fields; there were places I had to skirt because it was just too muddy.  Buds do not seem to be swelling in any big way yet - which is what the goats are waiting for.  Goats are browsers - they love best leaves and fresh young twigs.  So far they are still on a diet of (dusty) hay and their wee grain ration.
The chickens are faring a bit better; they are fighting over the first fe, dopey bugs that are starting to appear and are happy with every little green grass blade!

A couple of good things found on my walk: the garlic is up!  Yeah!  Sporadic in the rows - but it's coming.  We sooooo love our garlic so much that it is always encouraging when it peeks out.  No sign of the rhubarb yet.  And the other piece of good news is that the dug out is full to the brim, and even looks like it spilled over a bit!  It still has ice floating in it, but it's full!  Always nice to start the growing season with a good supply of water!

It seems like it has been a long hibernation this year.  Finally feeling a bit like coming out of my cocoon and stretching my 'wings'!  Gardening is in my near future - that's invigorating!


  1. All those signs of spring are such a wonderful sight! Nothing like those first glimpses of green to make your heart sing. Glad to hear you have plenty of water, we're facing dusty dirt already and the season hasn't even begun.

    1. I was pleased to hear your garlic was up - mine isn't yet but my rhubarb has started to unfurl itself from it's winter bed.