Monday, September 10, 2012

Open Farm Day 2012!

Grizzly Bear would love to meet you!
Last Spring, we were contacted by Manitoba Agriculture, Farm, and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) about participating in the province's Open Farm Day.  We had come to their attention thru Food Matters Manitoba, I believe, and seemed a good choice because we were close to Brandon, a mixed operation and kind of known in town.  Since we already do an Open House for our CSA members and Market regulars, we figured we may as well!  So, next Sunday, September 16th, noon to 4 PM, are you coming for a visit?

What should I tell you about coming to the Farm?  Well, we're not a quaint, pastoral little place.  We're a messy, noisy operation working seven days a week!  We're weedy, slightly unkempt, our chickens free-range and we take goats and dogs for walks so there will be, ummm, excrement. If there's no rain this week, it will be dusty on our tour and there may be bugs.  The chickens may be squawking, the roosters will probably be crowing and the goats may be calling; it probably won't be peaceful.  Our goats are in their natural state and have horns, which require some respect.  (The goats will be in pasture, not free-ranging).  We have two roosters, largely nice boys, but they deserve a wide berth and some respect 'cause their spurs can rip your pants.  Sounds like fun?

We would really be delighted to show you around!  We just want you to be prepared!  Dress very casually, wear comfortable, sturdy shoes that can get dirty.  Dog and kittie treats will be well received.  We are just five minutes East of Brandon, quite easy to access.  You will head east on Veteran's Way, a road officially closed due to the construction on the Bypass.  You will be 'local traffic' on Sunday, so just go past the barrier.  Veteran's Way is straight, curves at the RCMP office (at Grand Valley Strawberries, if you're familiar), straightens out again and then coming up almost right away on your left is a little gravel road called Chalmers or 107W.  Turn left onto Chalmers, going north, and we're at the top of the hill, on the east side.  To get you oriented, we are directly east two miles from ACC On The Hill!  We'll have some signs out that day, that MAFRI has been kind enough to supply!

Not close enough to visit us?  There's lot of farms of all types all around the province and around the country that are open! Check out to find out what's going on around you!  If you're in America, there's probably something to be found with your local extension office.  So get out of the city and visit a farm this weekend!  Give a hug to the people growing your food - we could use it! 

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  1. Make sure to visit Aagaard Farms -- it's a fun place with lots to see. The goats are terrific to interact with, all the doggies and kitties love attention, and it's really interesting to see how a small mixed operation works.