Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wow! We're Going to Be The Stars of a Documentary!

Photo courtesy A. Collins and D. Adriaansen
We're going to be in films!  Allison Collins and Danielle Adriaansen, two journalists/bloggers/filmmakers/tech queens around town were looking for a project to produce for the  MTS community programming channel.  Allison is a member of our CSA program  and Danielle will be joining us for the new season, so they had some familiarity with what we do!  We sell all our product directly to our local community through the CSA program or through Farmers Markets; the ladies seemed to like that connection to community.  During the winter they proposed their project would be about what Aagaard Farms does and, on receiving the go-ahead from MTS, they made it official!

The ladies will be following us around for the next four months or so, filming all the disparate things that go on at a little farm.  It will be, I suppose, kind of like being on a reality TV show!  They'll see the frenzy of getting everything organized for CSA pick-up day, the garden renters coming and going, the quiet moments early in the morning when Farmer Man is letting the animals out into pasture.  Viewers will see us dirty, sweaty and tired - no hair and make-up people for this project!

The ladies have started a new blog 'Dirt to Dinner' to document their process; check it out here!  They will be working on every aspect of the documentary themselves from photography, to editing, to sound.  Can hardly wait to see the finished project!  We'll share some updates on our Facebook page throughout the summer, as well as here on our blog!  Although the finished product will be the property of MTS, after a certain length of time the ladies will be able to share it on YouTube or someplace like that; we'll certainly let you know where and how you can view it!  Wanna be in films?  You may be if you're out at the farm, a member of CSA or if you come see us at the new Global Market in Brandon this summer!


  1. That is so cool! Will they still be there in August? I've always wanted to be in pictures...!


  2. My son Stephen is working with them on this project too. I'm so excited about it!

  3. Thanks for the kind words! We are very excited to be a part of Aagaard Farms for the summer. And of course, we would love to have some willing members of the CSA or garden renters be part of the doc! We'll make sure to give some details on how to get in touch with us if you're interested on our blog, so look for that over the coming weeks.

  4. How is this documentary going? Are they still filming? Where will it be made available?

    1. Hi, Jeff; the ladies are kind of sneakin' in-and-out as we work. The doc will be available on our local community channel, then after a certain period of time we'll be able to make it available on our website...just not sure how long that is!