Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Chubby in All the Right Places?

'What are you looking at?'
We've been watching our three young does very carefully.  With the introduction of our little buck Randi in December, we're hoping the ladies are pregnant.  We're newbie goat owners, so we don't have that 'wealth of experience' that more experienced owners would have.  We're doing a lot of reading and a lot of research right now, getting ready.  And looking carefully at the girls.....

We thought, in November, before Randi, that the girls were a little over-weight, a detriment to getting pregnant.  We re-assessed the amount of grain they were getting, the amount of treats and extras, purposely took them out on more walks and they did slim down.  Now, we're thinking they're getting a little fat again - but in different places!  Goats will get wide with their babies, not bulging below.  The girls didn't seem very receptive to Randy when he first arrived, and we've never witnessed any goats 'doing it', but it may be time to have Dr Sherry out for a visit!

Pregnancy brings different requirements for goats.  For instance, too much protein, and the baby (or babies, as goats often have twins) can put on too much bone mass to quickly, and be difficult to deliver.  That will mean the mothers will have to get an adjusted grain ration.  So, although we kind of like to do things naturally here and could take a wait-and-see attitude, we'll be getting a pregnancy test done soon.  Mabel, our two tone, looks the most pregnant and she was, indeed, the 'nicest' to Randi.  Chocolate, who does not show any signs, was the least receptive; well into January she was chasing and head-butting Randi quite frequently!  Deliveries spread out over a period of time would suit us 'first time' parents!  If Mabel took a liking to Randi early on we could have babies as early as mid-May!

I can hardly wait for baby goats!  They are the the most adorable little creatures!  Plus, of course, that's when we'll finally have a regular supply of lovely goat milk and we can begin to be more self-sufficient in fresh, unadulterated milk, butter and cheese.  Plus, we'll be able start to Aagaard Farms' newest product: goat's milk soaps and lotions!  And, baby goats are just the will be hard to get any work done!


  1. Dr Sherry is the best, isn't she? She's been absolutely wonderful to our pets.

    1. Love her vibe! We followed her when she set up her own place. She'd looked after our cats and dogs, so happy she was willing to take on the goatlings!

  2. When I saw the title I wasn't quite sure what this post would be about! Very glad to see there's a good chance of little goat babies in the near future.