Monday, February 20, 2012

Visitors Means Treats!

No wonder all our critters like visitors - it always means extra treats!  Lacey, Annie and Brandon came out today with four children in tow, ranging from fourish to a young teenager.  Lacey is a new egg customer and the three friends are also interested in giving a garden rental a go this year.  They came for some more yummy fresh farm eggs and a bit of a tour.  Beautiful, warm day for it, too!

They parked in front of the house so we started our tour by going down to the rental gardens and showing them parking, watering, etc, etc.  The dogs, especially Blaze, were ecstatic to get so many extra pats while the adults chatted.  Then we went around the barn and over to the chicken coop.  I grabbed the scratch bucket and the chickens got a great extra treat of grain and corn.  Kids love throwing the scratch, laughing and giggling as the chickens scurry after it!  We collected one egg from the coop and broke one, but that happens: I broke one yesterday accidentally banging it against the side of the bucket!

The goats, who could see us, were putting up quite a fuss by now.  We went over to where they were all trying to climb the fence to get at us.  I had brought the homemade goat treats, which you can read about here.  So, the kids and adults were introduced to the goats, and a few extra treats were handed out.  As we turned to walk away, we discovered that Chocolate can jump the fence!  She came out to follow us, I put her back in and she jumped it again in full view of everyone!  Hmmmm, I'll have to do something about that, and soon!

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