Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Good Egg!

Did you know that a chicken lays the same egg all the time?  Yes, by species, an Ameraucana will always lay a little pastel blue egg, a Black Sex-Link will always lay a brown egg and a Leghorn will always lay a white egg. But, more than that, each individual hen will lay almost the exact same egg every time she lays!  Some girls lay an almost round egg, some lay long, oval eggs every timem some have freckles.  One of our girls is laying a wrinkled egg quite regularly!  It's definitely one of the young Black Sex-Links, because this is a new thing.  An Isa Brown would not start doing this in her third year.  It's a perfectly fine egg in all respects, it's shell is just wrinkled!  It's the kind of thing you would never get in a package of eggs at the store - egg companies remove this kind of imperfect egg and use it for processing into powdered eggs or baked goods.  It's rather a pity that only 'perfect' eggs are deemed fit for consumption!  I like my eggs with a little character!  Would you be unnerved if you found an egg like this in your carton?  You can have one if you care to come buy some eggs at our farm gate!


  1. I wish I lived closer, I'd love to have wrinkled eggs! Do they keep their shape if you hardboil them?

  2. Callie; I must confess we don't hard boil a lot of eggs and I've never tried the wrinkled ones! We will!