Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kittens Meet the Chickens!

The kittens are scampering in the protection of the greenhouse!
Yesterday, Farmer Man was out working in the back yard on a little patio he's constructing and Little Mama decided a walk was in order.  She's quite bold what with the doggies around, but I guess she assumes Farmer Man and I will protect her.  The kittens and the free-ranging chicks found each other quite interesting.  We actually intervened at one point because we thought the chicks were going to start pecking at the kittens!  The June chicks are almost full grown at this point; quite a contrast in size!  A great adventure for the little kittens, I just hope they don't start free-ranging themselves yet because it's a dangerous world out there!  Anybody looking to add a kitten to their home?


  1. Perhaps there is a local spay and release program for barn cats? I've done this in rural New York. I got an unlimited voucher for medical testing, immunizations and neutering. In two summers, I "fixed" twenty cats.

  2. There is no local program in our little city right now. One of our rescue organizations, Funds for Furry Friends, is currently competing for a grant to establish just such a thing! Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. That's really too bad there's no program available for you. I know how much help I've received here and it's invaluable (one of our cats recently needed medical treatment and while I paid for the meds the free advice was fantastic) How sweet are kittens though, so irresistable.