Friday, October 23, 2009

Potato Harvest Finished - Whew!

Finally, the potatoes are all harvested. Now, crates of them are in the garage curing before their trip down to the root cellar. So, harvest is not really finished completely but enough that it is getting crossed off the 'to-do' list. (Cleaning the garage is still, needless to say, on the list). Farmer Boy decided the old potato digger we possess was beyond it's useful life, so he took up rows with the plow. Then, we have to pick up anything the plow turns up. Fortunately, Serhiy was here to help or it would have been a very long day of bending and stooping! We had to be careful to watch for signs of frost damage on the tubers, and immediately discard damaged potatoes in the field. We'll go through them again before putting them in the root cellar.


  1. So glad things are under control and you're getting these things done. Soon you will be able to spend a bit more time on leisure activities (it's good to have a goal)!


  2. There still seems to be soooo much to do! The 'to-do' list gets longer every time we think about it! Still have to winterize the fruit trees, clean out the greenhouse, finish the coop, go through stuff to go into the root cellar, go through stuff in the root cellar to make sure there's no mold or rot, clean the tools, find the snowblower and get it just goes on and on. And always the cycle of feeding the animals and collecting eggs.